Saturday, March 5, 2011


Which of course is subject to change in the event that I meet a hot Belgian heir to a chocolate factory, in which case I will not be coming home.

So here's how to read my schedule: The last day/first day of a place is the travel date. So for example, I am traveling from Stockholm to Copenhagen on May 19th, and from Paris to London on June 30th.

Leave: May 11

Sweden- Stockholm: May 12-19

Denmark- Copenhagen: May 19-24

Overnight train in a sleeper car!!: May 24

Austria- Vienna: May 25- June 1

Italy- Lake Como: June 1-5

Switzerland- Basel: June 5-9

France- Paris: June 9-30

UK- London: June 30-July 8

UK- Bath: July 8-13

UK- London: July 13-14

France- Paris: July 14-16

UK- Sheffield: July 16-20
- I'm using Sheffield as home base as it is in a good location for three historic houses that I want to visit, so I won't be spending any actual time in Sheffield itself.

UK- Kendal: July 20-25

UK- Edinburgh: July 25-29

UK- Glasgow: July 29-31

UK- Belfast: July 31- August 3

UK- Downhill Hostel: August 3-5

Republic of Ireland- Dublin: August 5-8

UK- Manchester: August 8-10

Leave: August 10

Important Dates:

June 10th- My 22nd birthday!!

July 9th- Regency Ball in Bath!!

July 15- The Paris Opera Ballet!!


  1. YAYAYAYAY I am so excited! You've got an incredible travel itinerary and your writing is also so much fun to read! I feel like I'm gearing up to go right along with you! Can't wait for updates and have a WONDERFUL time!



  2. I'm super excited too!!! It looks like you have a great trip planned and I can't wait to read all about it! Have a blast and keep us all posted!