Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 11th

I woke up this morning a little sad because I had an amazing birthday and I didnt't want it to be over. Then I remembered that I'm in Paris. !!!!!!!!!

Today I mostly did a bit of exploring. I toured the Paris Opera House wich was beautiful. And I found a nice American couple to take a picture of me doing an arabesque in the grand foyer. Then I tried to find an affordable lunch and ended up at this restaurant where the guy tells me that the cheap menu actually isnt available anymore AFTER I got all settled and so felt obligated to order. I decided to go for the smoked salmon salad, because I like salmon, so surely I must like smoked salmon. Smoked salmon is cold and slimey and tastes like snot. And the "salad" was made up of like three pieces of lettuce and twelve salmon so its not like I could just eat around it. I did the best I could, because it cost me €13 and there are starving people who would have been happy to have smoked salmon, but I could only stomache about half. I left feeling very grumpy. How do people eat smoked salmon? Fortunately there was a Pierre Herme around the corner so I cheered myself up with a few macarons. Pierre Herme puts so much cream in between the two cookies I made a total mess eating them but they were soooooooo good.

That evening I went to the Ladurée bar for a belated birthday cocktail and to meet with Chloe, an Australian I met at the hostel in Stockholm. I had a very fancy and very delicious macaron cocktail and had the most lovely girly evening chatting with my friend.

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