Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 9th

I give up. I'm doomed to problem trains. This time we're stuck for an hour minimum. We're only like an hour from Paris, it's so close!! And my phone battery is punking out on me despite the fact that I charged it all night and my ipod is dying. FML. At this point we'll get into Paris at like 2 am and I'll end up sleeping through half my birthday tomorrow. I'm getting so many macarons after this. Have I mentioned that I didnt eat today? WHAT DOES THE EUROPEAN RAILWAY SYSTEM HAVE AGAINST ME?!?!?! And I finished my book but at this point I'm going to start over because I'm BORED. And I'm tired and my feet are cold and I just wanted to get a good nights sleep for my birthday tomorrow.

After a couple hours waiting we finally made it to Paris at like 11:30. I was a little worried about taking the metro that late, but I made it to the hostel without any incident.

They say Paris is the city of love, but I rather think its the city of stairs. There are 112 steps to get out of my metro stop. I know because there was a sign that said 'just so you know, there are 112 steps so old people should probably take the elevator'. Then there was another staircase up to my street. Then my room was on the 5th floor. And all this happened with me carrying like 50 lbs of stuff. I could feel the sweat dripping down my back. And it didnt help that the guy at reception was more interested in watching a movie on TV than checking me in. I got to the room, hopped in the shower, and passed out in bed. I fell asleep trying to make myself believe that I was really in Paris at last!!

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