Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 1st

I thought Id be travelling all day, but since it takes like 12 hours to get to Lake Como, I had to take a night train. Sleeper car number 2. I hung around the hostel and napped and read, then caught my train.

We went through part of the Alps which were so stunning. The other lady in my car was telling me ab out the history of the region. 100 years ago, this was wehre the rich Austrians went for vacation, so theres still gorgeous villas scattered through the mountains. And the train went over this 100 year old bridge thats the longest bridge in Austria or something like that. We went through the most beautiful part at twilight.

I had to change trains in Milan, and there was almost a riot in the ticket office. There were two lines: one for the regular train and one for the special train. The special train line had like no people in it and six people working the counter. The regular train line curved way out of the ticket office and only four people working the counter. One old lady started yelling about it and then another one joined in and then everyone was yelling and the police were like "yall need to calm down" but no one did. The ticket desk people looked really nervous. But besides that it was a completelz normal and boring train ride. HOORAH!!

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