Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 8th

Last night sucked falling asleep because 3 smelled so bad and was hocking up spit and mukus into a cup. Do you know how unbearable that sound is? I almost puked which would have given me a panic attack because I had had a salad for lunch and was already freaking out about e. coli.

Then this morning I was woken up by a manager yelling at some one that they had to check out and leave. This person didnt want to leave. Then the manager was arguing with some one else about a reservation. I kept hearing "Then where did you sleep!!" Then my own bed is being shaken. I sat up to see 6, 8b, and an angry manager. She demanded to know if I was checking out today, I said no, then she demanded to know if I had a reservation, I said yes. THIS HOSTEL IS FILLED WITH CRAZY PEOPLE AND THEYRE ALL IN MY ROOM. 6 and 8b were back in new beds, I was being interrogated about my reservation, and I looked over and saw a cup half full of spit and mucus next to bed 3.

At exactly 15:30 when the front desk opened I asked to change rooms.

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  1. Oh noes! That sounds awful. Hopefully the next place will be better... is that France, yet?