Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 12th

Today I hit up the Paris flea markets. The Paris fleas are a magical place filled with beautiful things I cant afford. Whole shops filled with chandeliers and golden furniture hundreds of years old and candelabras and crystal vases and there were whole stores just for old fans!! I adore old fans. And then there are the stores with all the old books with beautiful leather binding and that old book smell. When I'm rich I'm going to furnish an entire house solely with stuff from the Paris fleas.

To get to the fleas you walk through the ghetto, past the sketchy dudes standing under the concrete overpass selling sunglasses, past the stands with the knockoff perfume and bags and African carvings, and then you turn a corner and suddenly everything is peaceful and you're surrounded by antiques.

What I really wanted was some old letters. I had been led to believe that there were plenty for cheap. There are old postcards out the wazoo, but I could only find one lady who sold old letters and they zere €20 to €30 a pop. I didn't leave empty handed though. I got a fashion plate from the 1820s, one from the 1870s, and an illustration from the 18th century, all for ridiculously cheap. So I'd say it was still a very successful day.

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