Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 5th

So far I have had two experiences with people. I go up to them and ask "Do you speak English?" in their language. Response 1: They smile and say yes and ask were Im from and help me read the menu or whatever. Response 2; They snap no and glare at em for daring to ask. Im sorry Im not fluent in Swedish, Danish, Italian, German, French, and Swiss German but I think thats a little much to ask of me. Two out of three train station people that I talked to did not speak English and I managed as best I could but it was still frustrating. It would have been one thing if they tried to work with me, but they just glared at me and waited for me to magically gain fluency. With the help of a nice man sitting across from me I did eventually make it to Basel.

We drove through the Alps, which are so beautiful I cant even handle it. Theyre covered in lush green pine forests and soemtimes the gray rock will peek through on steeper areas and there were waterfalls and clouds swirling around the peaks and some were topped with snow. I wanted to write a poem or paint a masterpiece or something. When I look at nature thats so beautiful I see G-d. Not that I dont believe in evolution, but I just feel the presence of G-d. Its a spiritual feeling to experience that kind of grandness and beauty. I dont really know how to explain it. Everyone should take a train ride through the Alps before they die.

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