Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 7th

today I went to the art museum and the paper museum. The art museum was OK, I didnt really like it. The paper museum was awesome!! Its a real working paper mill so the gift shop was awesome. The museum itself wasnt very well organiyed but who cares because you got to DO STUFF.

First I made two sheets of paper. I made my own paper!!! Then I went upstairs and got to use two kinds of printing presses. One stamped the paper with a picture of teh museum. The other, I got to arrange letters to write my own message (I wrote my name). In the next room, I learned how to fold this one kind of envelope, which I then wrote on with a quill and ink. Then a woman sealed it for me using my choice of seal and sealing wax (gold). Tehn she made a bookmark, sealed it (blue wax, fancy K seal), and I got to put it in a machine and emboss it with a nautilus shell shape. In all I made six things. SO COOL!!

On the way home I stopped by a chocolate shop and bought all sorts of chocolate. It tastes so amaying, I dont know what I will do without it. Best chocolate Ive ever had. It would be worth it to move here for the chocolate.

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