Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 19th

Getting to Copenhagen was an adventure. Everything was fine until we got to a town with a name I can't spell but kind of sounded like Shepping which sounds very British in my opinion. That was when we all had to get off the train and get onto buses. They didn't explain why in English, but the Swedish lady I talked to told me that some of the railroad track had gone missing. She also said something along the lines of "Trust Sweden to loose its own railroad." How do you loose railroad tracks?!?!?!? I choose to believe that the metal parts were stolen by four boys from a small town with big dreams whose story will eventually get made into a movie that will make me cry every time I watch it. So we all got on buses that drove to the next railway stop in North Shepping. At least the crew had a sense of humor about the situation. A guy came over the intercom on the bus and said "We hope you enjoy this high speed X2000... bus. And the bistro is in the center of the bus." Then we got onto another train to Malmo, Sweden. At this point the trainw as two hours behind schedule, and a guy came ovr the intercom to say that because we were so delayed we wouldn't be able to cross the border into Denmark. It was almost 6 PM, I hadn't eaten since the small caesar salad I had at 11, I had been travelling all day, schlepping around my 30 lb backpack plus my 9000000000000 lb daybag and if I as going to be stranded in Malmo I was going to cut a bitch. I had a very eloquent speech prepared but then they said that if your final destination was Copenhagen then you could get on another train in Malmo. So three trains and a bus later I was in Copenhagen. That was when my left leg decided that every time I took a step I'd feel excruciating pain. I had been planning on walking to my hostel but since I was in so much pain (and still carrying like 40 lbs worth of stuff) I decided to take the bus. Except the one I needed doesn't exist. After walking all over, in pain, trying to find it, I said fuck it and started limping to the hostel. Do you know how hard it is to limp with a 30 lb backpack? Then I couldn't find the hostel, then I couldn't find where the entrance was, and then I heard some one shout "KATY!!!!" and I was engulfed in a hug by Sarai, who also got the Phillips and was meeting me here. You can only check in until 6, and it was like 8, but fortunately Sarai had not only arranged for us to room together but also for me to check in late.

Then I ate an entire pizza and passed out in bed.

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