Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 29th

Viennese public transportation system: conquered! I wanted to go to the Hermesvilla which is in the middle of Lainzer Tiergarten, this enormous park on the edge of town. To get there I had to take two subways, a tram, and a bus, and I didn´t get anything wrong!!

The Hermesvilla, in addition to being pretty, is also where Viennaƛ historic clothing collection is displayed. They have like 20,000 pieces, I think it´s stupid that there´s never any exhibits. We preserve these things so they can be enjoyed by future generations, not sit in a storage space for all eternity. Anyways, the website said they would be on display. The website lied. What was actually on display was the art of world´s first hippy Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach, who believed in free love and vegetarianism and nudism and painted trippy stoner art that should be on sale at Spencers Gifts. I was not amused. Stupid hippy, get a job!!

After I got back to my hostel I decided that it was time for some traditional Viennese cuisine, so I had wiener schnitzel. It was good, although the portion was ENORMOUS. I don´t know how anyone could possibly eat all that meat. Then when I got back to the hostel I hung around the bar downstairs (there´s a bar in my hostel) and made some new friends. We closed the hostel bar and then decided to go out to another bar, where I met a creeper from York who has some sort of vendetta against North Carolina and played a game involving hammering a nail with the wrong end of the hammer. I would like to clarify that I was not drinking during any of this, but everyone else was. I had a glass of bad wine and the best sex on the beach ever (that´s what she said) at the bar and that was it.

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