Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 22nd

Today we split up and I headed to the National Gallery while Sarai attempted to do every museum in Copenhagen (she did two). The Copenhagen marathon was going on, and I followed the runners some of the way. My favorite part was the drum band playing this awesome beat.

The National Gallery is in a really pretty building and has amazing chocolate cake in its cafe and has some lovely paintings, which I think are organized by theme instead of time period which I really liked. Except in the portrait room they threw in this super realistic modern statue of a dead guy in a chair and he was all gray and disgusting and it was the creepiest thing ever and kept distracting me from the old stuff.

Anyways, I liked the museum but I didn't think it was great until I got to the end. I'm glad I took the path I did, because I ended on a super high note. I turned the corner and there was this enormous gallery with a bazillion paintings hung salon style, which is my favorite, floor to very high ceiling. It was MARVELOUS. I've never experienced anything like it. You were just engulfed in art. It was all arranged by type. I particularly liked the marine and perspective paintings. I had left my camera in my locker, but I ran down to get it because the room was so amazing. There was also a room where you could watch a conservator work which I thought was cool, although the conservator wasn't in. And then they had a whole room with the most amazing 17th century trompe l'oieles.

As I had been walking into the museum there were some people futzing with this big thing that looked like a bunch of shopping bags taped together. Since it was close to the modern gallery I thought they were installing a newpiece. As I was getting my camera they were inflating it with air. As I was leaving I realized you could GO INSIDE. I practically flew down the stairs, kicked off my shoes and jumped right in. IT WAS SO COOL. Absoltuely enormous and so colorful from all the different bags. I was just in awe, it was such a cool experience. I'm so glad I timed my visit when I did and that I had my camera!

As I was going back to the hsotel ti started pouring. I had my umbrella but it was so windy and coming down so hard that I didn't want to try walking in it, so I ducked into an alcove to wait out the worst of the storm. When I finally got back it was so cold and wet and gross Sarai and I decided to just go to this close by pizza place that we ate at my first night, and Sarai had the most enormous calzone on the planet. I still can't believe she ate all of it. The before and after pictures were hilarious, because of course it gave her a stomache ache. I said she should title them 'Sarai did battle with a calzone, and lost'.

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