Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 21st

Today was a lot of walking and I am ridiculously sore. We went shopping first and I got some souveniers in a touristy shop and a pretty brooch for my Regency dress at a flea market. Then we went to a Titanic exhibit which was OK. The audio guide was really long winded and I thought the part where you could touch an "iceberg" to experience the excruciating pain of dying of hypothermia for yourself was a little insensitive. And the audio guide kept telling me how to feel. What the hell, you don't know me narrator guy, I'll feel whatever the hell I want! After that we began the very long trek to see the Little Mermaid statue. We stopped by the palace on our way there which was gorgeous. And there were guards in tall fuzzy hats. You know how they stand perfectly still and never react to anything? Yeah, one of them scoleded us for standing too near the palace. I'm kind of proud to have interacted with a palace guard, sort of. We're such trouble makers.

Everyone says the little mermaid is overrated and disses her. I don't know, maybe they're expecting something huge and elaborate and are disappointed? I knew exactly what to expect and I thought sehw as very lovely. Very elegant and beautiful in her simplicity. And she looked so sad, it was very moving. I thought she was beautiful. We got a bunch of pictures, and my only sadness is that my hair didn't look nice enough to wear down.

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