Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 26th

If people from New York are New Yorkers, are people from Hamburg Hamburgers? Food for thought. SEE WHAT I DID THERE?!?!?!

Can I just say how awesome it is to be in a warmer climate? I don´t have to schlep my jacket around and today I wore a skirt!! Scandinavia was nice and all, but it doesn´t hold a candle to proper Western Europe. Now I´m in the middle of the old world and it feels so amazing. This is where I belong.

Today, after buying some food that wasn´t junk because I can afford to eat healthy now (hooray!), I went to Schonbrunn Palace. It was the most beautiful place in the world. My first European rococo palace!! I don´t think the one in Stockholm, although beautiful, really counts. It was incredible, I almost cried. I particularly loved the golden wall/ceiling decorations, which were shaped like roses on creeping vines. So lovely.

Photography wasn´t allowed which broke my heart because there were 18th century portraits out the wazoo. They were all so beautiful. And there were a bunch of Marie Antoinette! And all the floors had these elaborate wood patterns and the curtains with elaborate whitework and the golden roses and the chandeliers and everything!!! There was also a ton of incredible orientalist stuff, rooms with all different pictures on the walls. One had all drawings, another blue pictures, another was covered in black panels with gold and silver designs. I love orientalist 18th century interior design.

After the palace I wandered around the gorgeous gardens, then climbed this monster hill to get to this beautiful classical pavilion. What I didn´t know is that from the top of the hill you could see the entire city. It literally took my breath away, it was so amazing.

To know that today I walked the same halls that Marie Antoinette did as a little girl. It´s amazing. I love the 18th century, there´s just no feeling like when you walk into a room with golden roses all over the walls and ceiling and grand portraits of people covered in the most beautiful jewels and chandeliers and mirrors and everything.

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