Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 23rd

I was going to go back to the National Musuem today, but then I remembered it was Monday and it was closed. So I decided to take my book and walk tot he Kings Gardens and relax in the sun while waiting to meet with Caroline, my best friend growing up who I haven't spoken to in years and crazily enough we both happened to be in Copenhagen. On the way I stopped at my frist Fancy European Chocolate Shop and got this egg shaped chocolate that had marzipan and passion fruit filling. AKA amazing.

When I got to the park I remembered Sarai saying there was a museum in Rosenborn Palace, and I knew the crown jewels were there, so I casually strolled over, thinkign I'd take an hour tops to browse around. Little did I know what lay in store for me.

You had to pay 20 dkk extra to take pictures and I was like psh, no. A half hour before the museum closed I raced to get my camera and pay, then ran around like a mad woman trying to get pictures of everything before it closed.

Baroque spelndor is an understatement. I have never been anywhere like that, it was like pregaming for Versailles. Rosenborg was worth my entire trip to Copenhagen. Rosenborg was built int he early 17th century and the royal family lived there until 1710, and then in the late 1830s it was turned into a museum, and they added rooms to represent each king until the 1860s. So walking through is kind of like travelling through time.

The first room I went into had wood panelling in square shapes and in each square there was a beautiful painting. It must have taken forever to get together. And they had these tables and cabinets that had all these intricate patterns made from different colored stone and marble. And other stuff was covered in glitter. No really! I coulnd't believe it myself but it looked like gold and copper glitter covered with clear lacquer stuff. I asked one of the guys that worked there what it was, and we think its called brilliant lacquor but he wasn't sure. He said no one ever asked about it before which I thought was odd. Surely more people were curious about the glitter!

They also had the msot gorgeous silver filligree stuff. I first discovered it in Stockholm and I've never seen it before. It's little threads of silver in swirlies that then make up larger designs. It looks like metal lace. At Rosenborg they had whole tables and mirrors decorated with it, as well as these beautiful jars shaped with 3D flowers on the sides.

Every room was more gorgeous. And all the ceilings were painted and covered in plaster shapes. And there were portraits everywhere! There was a small room with all the royal glassware and it was all displayed on these gilded shelves in layers and it was so amang. I also saw all the royal sparklies which was fun. The Danish royal sparklies > Swedish royal sparklies.

After that I met up with Caroline!! I don't think we've seen each other in like six years. We've been trying to get in touch since I got to Copenhagen but we finally made it. It was so amazing to see her again, I wish we had more time to hang out. But we're both going to be in Paris for Bastille Day so hopefully we can see each other again there.

After hanging with Caroline and walking around the beautiful botanical gardens, Sarai and I went to Tivoli. I'm so glad we went in the evening, everything was all lit up and beautiful. It was like a worlds fair, only without all the racist stuff. And they had a pantomime with commdia charaters and ballet dancers and 18th century costumes and a live orchestra. I only got to see about ten seconds of it which broke my heart. Sarai went on all the rides while I walked around and explored. And ate a stick of cotton candy that was bigger than my head. It was like an 18th century wig.

Tomorrow evening I get to travel in a sleeper car to Vienna!!

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  1. Paris for Bastille Day?
    BE CAREFUL...trust me. Attempt not to take the metro back to your hotel if going to the fireworks ....
    just trust me on that! ;)