Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 20th

Sarai and I started the day with some French toast at a cute place called Stella (or as we called it Stellaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!), then wandered around trying to find where we could go on a boat tour. Copenhagen has a completely different feel than Stockholm, although I can't sayhow. We got to the canal and realized that we had inadvertently stumbled upont he place with the old boats and colorful buildings thats on all the postcards!! I had completely forgotten about that place and it was kind of a magical moment. We both flipped out and started taking a million pictures. It's so nice to have some one to take my picture!!! We tried to get a shot of me jumping up and clicking my heels but were unsuccessful, and I'm sure everyone around thgouth I was a total lunatic. After picture time we went on a boat tour which was a really great way to see and learn about the city. Did you know that Hans Christian Andersen originally came to Copenhagen to be a ballet dancer, but he was too tall and awkward so no one would take him. After the boat tour we went to the National Museum, which was only open for another hour but we wanted to check it out. And poor Sarai didn't know what she was getting into with a Katy Museum Expereince. We only got through half of prehistory, and the wrong half to boot, but what was there was so cool. They had remnants of a Viking boat and giant stones with runes carved in and bog bodies with their clothes preserved!! It was so amazing to be face to face with some one that lived thousands of years ago. And the clothes were so well preserved, at first I thought they were recreations. To think that I could still see the weave pattern and different fibers of something worn thousands of years ago. Some bodies were from like 1350 BC. It was so magical.

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