Wednesday, July 13, 2011

June 20th

Today I schlepped two and a half hours to Moulins to see the Comedie Francaise exhibit. It was so worth it. Paris was cold and rainy but Moulins was sunny and beautiful. People were swimming in the river which made me wish I had my swimsuit.

I really loved the exhibit, which was about costumes used in the Comedie Francaise from the 18th century to today. I thought it was really well curated, and there was even a whole space devoted to costume production, with little booths showing wigs being curled and ruffs being made and patterns being cut out and stuff. The costumes were gorgeous, I really loved the selection of 18th century coats and waistcoats on display, as well as the section with modern made historic costumes. They were all so creative and detailed. Along with the garments they had TV screens showing close up pictures of the costumes, and clips of actors in plays wearing the costumes, to give you a sense of how they functioned as part of the greater theatrical production.

Moulins is a great little town but I didn't have a whole lot of time to look around after seeing the exhibit because I had to rush back to Paris to meet Rachel and Chelsea who were in town for a few days. We ended up missing each other, but we ended up meeting for lunch the next day so alls well that ends well.

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