Wednesday, July 13, 2011

June 29th

I have a cold. Boooooo. And it's swealtering hot. Double booooooo. All I've managed was to go to the Orangerie on the 27th to see Monet's waterlillies which were really beautiful. No picture can ever to justice to the colors.

But today I decided that if I was going to feel sick and miserable I'd rather do it in Giverny than in Paris. So I went to Monet's house and sneezed on his waterlillies. Giverny is a really easy daytrip from Paris and I highly recommend it. You hop on a train to Vernon which takes about half an hour, then you get on a bus which takes you to Giverny. Giverny is the perfect little French village in the countryside, Monet sure knows how to pick a spot.

I toured the house first which was really nice. Every room was painted a different pastel color and there were big windows overlooking the gardens. I'm sure the gardens smelled as beautiful as they looked but I wouldn't know as I haven't smelled or tasted anything in like three days. The garden in front of the house was lovely, but paled in comparison to the garden with the waterlillies. There was a little stream running through it which would be perfect for playing Pooh Sticks, and bamboo groves, and of course the waterlillies themselves. I can definitely see how Monet was inspired, I wanted to paint a masterpiece myself.

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  1. Your whole trip has just sounded fantastic. I can't wait to hear about England though, I'm a total Anglophile. But I just wanted to point out that your dates on your post subjects are off, I think they should be June, instead of July, otherwise you've been visiting the future! :P Keep up the updates! It's been fun living vicariously through you so far! ;) And I'm really looking forward to all the pictures!