Wednesday, July 13, 2011

June 26th

Today I went back to Versialles to finish the Petit Trianon, do the Grand Trianon, and see the gardens some more. It was ridiculously hot and I got burnt, but I had a great time anyways. I loved Marie Antoinette's little play village which was so picturesque (there was even a swan living in the lake), and the farm was a proper farm with giant bunnies and cows and sheep and goats and donkeys and chickens and stuff. One of the donkeys was so close to the fence that I could pet it. And I ran into a fellow tar heel, there was a ram that looked just like Ramses. UNC represent!

The Grand Trianon was nice, but I think I like the Petit Trianon more. Because it was a Saturday all the fountains were on, and while I was at first annoyed that I had to pay to get into the gardens it was so worth it because the fountains are truly spectacular. The gardens were a lot of fun to go through, there's all sorts of little groves hidden away. It's like a treasure hunt. I'll put up some pictures of my favorites eventually.

The only problem is that I have like 700 pictures from Versailles now. And I'm still going back one more time. No one should have expected anything less from me though.

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