Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July 3rd

I am officially museumed out. I don't want to see any more art again. I mean it's been two months of sight seeing and I'm exhausted.

I started with the National Portrait Gallery today which was disappointing. I've really been looking forward to it but there wasn't anything I really liked. Then I went to the National Gallery which has a ton of amazing stuff but I could only manage the 18th-19th century bit. I did get to see Hogarth's Marriage a la Mode and the Gainsborough portrait of Sarah Siddons which was very exciting. I also really loved the JMW Turners. And that was pretty much all I could do. They have this cool thing in the gift shop where they'll print a poster of any painting in the collection. So I got one of Sarah Siddons, I wish I could have afforded a few more!

That evening I saw Dr. Faustus at The Globe. I've read a fair share of Marlowe but I've never seen any performed. I really enjoyed it, the comedy was great and the end was chilling. The production incorporated great music and movement and puppetry too, it was a very theatrical experience.

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