Wednesday, July 13, 2011

June 24th

On the 23rd I was too exhausted to do anything, although I did go see the Moulin Rouge building and walked around Montmarte at night. And got the greatest pick up line EVER: "I am from United. You are from States. Together, we are United States". This bit of genius was said by a French waiter and I give him bonus points for hilarity. And you know when you think about it it kind of has a clever double meaning- United States becomming two united states of being but I doubt he realized that. Anyways, it gave me a good laugh.

Today I moved out of my hostel and went to stay with some friends of my Aunt Cindy, the P's. Mr. and Mrs. P and their son live right next to the Eiffel Tower in a really beautiful apartment and it was so lovely to be in a home for a change.

The day was mostly a bust though. I went to see the Madame Gres exhibit in the Bourdelle Museum, and while the garments were masterpieces the curation left much to be desired. While Bourdelle's sculptures emphasized the sculptural qualities of the garments, some rooms were just garments whereas others were sculptures and garments and still others were things like Bourdelle's apartment or workshop with a couple garments thrown in and it was kind of like "what is this dress doing here?" They kind of just set up half the exhibit around the existing museum, it was a little odd.

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